Five Reasons To Get Solar PV

Property owners around Ontario are installing solar panels on their roof and are enjoying all the solar energy advantages.

Besides the distinct financial benefits, there are other important reasons why you must convert to using solar power rather than fossil fuels.  Here are some convincing reasons.

 1. Excellent For The Environment

One of the most known facts widely about solar energy is that it symbolizes a clean, green source of energy. Solar power is an excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint. There is nothing about solar power that pollutes nature. Solar power does not release any greenhouse gasses and needs just a supply of clean water to function. It’s safe to install solar panels on your roof and for the environment. Also, consider Solar Thermal for heating.

2. Get Away From The Energy Grid

Regular electricity depends significantly on fossil fuels such as natural gas and coal. These pollutants are awful for the environment and are limited resources.  Having solar electricity offers you freedom! As you invest in solar power systems, you can immediately protect yourself against the raises in utility prices. When you add solar battery storage systems, it also helps you store electricity for nighttime and rainy days.

3. Much Less Electricity Loss

Rooftop solar power is beneficial in increasing electricity efficiency because of the short distance from your roof.  You are in control of your bills and energy usage. Solar power systems are durable and there are fewer chances of service interruptions. You are more unlikely to experience blackouts or brownouts.

4. Use Unused Land

With solar power, it’s wise to take advantage of the land and generate some extra money. Solar energy provides a source of power for everyone.

5. Solar Power Free

The sun gives us more energy than we could ever use.  Your solar power system is designed to start saving money from the instant it’s turned on. There are also lots of advantages when using solar power for the long-term.

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The Rewards Of Using A Whole-Home Humidifier

The warm warmth of home is necessary is best when you are trapped in the icy cold of a Canadian winter. Regrettably, your home’s heating system can also be the leading cause of dry throats, skin, and hair.

The air in your household is re-heated several times through the day by your forced-air central heating systems. Commonly, this motives the air in your home to become dry. Dry air can be unpleasant and unhealthy for some people. It is recommended that if your house is too dry that you install a whole-home humidifier to bring humidity levels into a healthy range.

Several of the benefits of installing a furnace humidifier is that it will to breathe easily and make your home’s eco-system pleasant. Once your home is at the preferred moisture level, you will start to realize a significant improvement in the comfort of your living space. People that suffer from irritated eyes, dry nose, and throat, or indoor allergies, would benefit from a humidifier.

Dry air could cause some health problems

Allergy sufferers notice that even a short period spent in dry air can aggravate symptoms. Air that is too dry may cause some people to experience increased mucus, irritated nasal congestion, and sinus headaches. Also, dry air for some people with asthma can result in an asthma attack. A whole home humidifying system significantly reduces static electricity.

Some individuals already have a portable humidifier that they use for relief. This strategy is excellent for local parts of your household and is awkward when you have to move the system around. A portable unit may have you missing out on the benefits. Buying a whole-house humidifier has the most benefits and these models operate much more silently than portable ones. 

Protect your family and furnishings

Keeping proper moisture levels in your house will also help safeguard wood surfaces by preventing cracking or peeling. Keep your wood furniture and floors to stay in better form and for a much more extended period.

A whole-house humidifier will mainly make you feel warmer and allow you to set your thermostat somewhat lower than before.

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Tips that your heating system has come to the point of replacement

Winter is ramping up and we are feeling it! Many of us are also feeling winter inside our homes. The question that you have to ask yourself is if your furnace is performing the best that it can?

A top quality furnace should certainly last for several years, but at some point, it’ll need to be replaced. Here are a few signs that your heating system has come to the point of replacement:

Age: If your system is over 15 years old, then it is advisable to consider getting a new one. Even though you could most likely get a few more years, your present heating system will not work as well. This means less comfort and higher monthly bills.

Higher heating costs: Have a look at your heating bills over the previous winters. If you discover that there a pattern and the costs get higher with each passing winter, then you may be in need of a new furnace. If a new furnace is not in your budget, at the minimum get some professional maintenance.

Odd noises: If you see that your system starts to make unusual noises, such as bangs, clanks, or squeals, that are out of the ordinary. These might be signs that it may possibly be the time to replace your unit.

Less airflow: The motor on your furnace is meant to send out warmer air throughout your home. After some time, your heating system won’t work as effectively as it once did. This tends to result in less airflow, therefore, less heat. If your motor isn’t working good, it could need some repair. This could also signal the end of the life of your furnace.

Cracks and corrosion: Take a look at your furnace. If you see rust, corrosion, or cracks than these can be signs may indicate that your unit needs a proper inspection and possibly a replacement.

Waterloo Energy Products can help you with all your HVAC Needs! Our HVAC experts can help educate you about a new heating system or come out and do an assess your current system. We can make some recommendations and give you a quote. Contact us today

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Here is what to do if you have a noisy boiler system

When your pipes are knocking, call an HVAC Technician in your area because your boiler needs assistance!!!

In case you turn on your heat and you hear banging in the walls that sounds like someone is hammering metal in your basement, it’s not a ghost! It’s your boiler and that sound won’t stop until you get help from a professional. Depending on how old your boiler is there might be different reasons for this problem. Make sure you call a certified HVAC specialist! It is not suggested that you consider to fix your boiler systems yourself. It can quickly become risky for someone without the proper training, equipment, and know-how.

Lime Mineral Deposits 
The most probably triggers for strange sounds coming from your heating pipes are mineral deposits. Hard water is well known to leave a residue on pipes or the inner walls of the tank over time. Limescale can certainly build up over time and exposure to too much hard water. This could be what is causing your problems. A typical boiler does not boil water but instead, it heats it to a temperature just below its boiling point. This is where the scale has rough surfaces which help create hot spots, causing the water to boil in places. These air pockets then rise and collapse, making an excessive knocking noise. A certified HVAC professional will have to shut down your whole system, treat the tank with a chemical descaler for several days, and then flush out the system to start fresh.

Pipe Issues
Limescale may also create blockages in your pipes. Occasionally sagging pipes, frozen sections along the line, water in steam pipes or steam or air getting into the water pipes can also cause problems. This can also include the characteristic sound of banging inside your walls. This is an excellent time to call either an HVAC technician or plumber.

Other Causes
Sometimes when your boiler tank has a burner that is too big and powerful for the capacity of the tank it can create an identical effect to that of limescale. Bursting air pockets creating a tumultuous clanging. Kettling may also be caused by an insufficient circulation pump, a faulty thermostat, contaminants, design flaws, and more. If you can’t assess why your system is making such sounds call your local HVAC Professionals to come and take a look.

If you are in the Waterloo, Kitchener, Maryhill, Guelph, Cambridge Woodstock, London, GTA, Barrie or Collingwood area contact Waterloo Energy Products for help. We sell and service boiler systems.


Here are Four Reasons to Install Heated Flooring

Heated floors have already been around for a very long time. In Canada, electric floor heating is becoming a preferred trend for both new and retrofit projects. Yet, there is still a learning curve among most homeowners.

Radiant heating systems operate by directly warming the people and objects in a room. Just like sensing the heat of the sun, radiant heat warms via direct contact. This lets people feel warm even when the ambient air temperature in the room is basically cooler.

Most homes have cold spots due to tile flooring, which is naturally cold. A number of the most common rooms to heat are kitchens, basements, bathrooms and bedrooms located over a garage. To determine which radiant floor heating system is most suitable for your project, you should be accustomed to the different types of radiant heat.

The two main types of radiant heat are electric and hydronic. Both function the same way and create warmth under the flooring. Hydronic floor heating systems use hot water pumped through plastic tubing laid out in a serpentine pattern to heat the floor. They’re ideal for whole-house heating. Hydronic floor-heating system requires a boiler, a pump and gas lines. Electric floor heating systems use electric cable woven in a serpentine pattern to heat the floor. Here are the Pros:

Uniform heating

The main benefit of floor-heating systems is their potential to heat a room evenly. As opposed to a forced-air heating systems that use vents to distribute warm air throughout a room. Radiant floor heating systems heat the entire floor evenly.

No maintenance

Electric floor-heating systems require no maintenance and also have great warranties. If deterioration does occur to the heating cable, a professional can use thermal imaging to track down the issue and make the repair.

No noiseRadiant floor heating systems are known for being quiet.

Energy efficient

Electric floor-heating systems are 25 percent more efficient than forced-air systems. Almost all of the heat that’s made is retained. Electric floor-heating systems only take 30-60 minutes to heat up and can be handled with a programmable thermostat. Hydronic floor-heating systems take much longer to heat up, but still effective regarding retaining heat.

To determine how much it would cost to install an electric floor-heating system in your home, contact Waterloo Energy Products for an In-Floor Heating Quote.

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